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Visit with Diane (Stubbs) Urquhart and her family
Bundaberg, Australia - November 1999

In late November 1999, Barbara and I traveled to Australia and New Zealand. As part of our trip, we took a detour and visited Diane and her family. Here are a few of the photos we took during our visit. It was great seeing her again. As you can see, sh e has not changed much and is as nice as ever. I also got to meet 4 of her 5 children but failed to take all of their pictures, except for Luke's. Enjoy!

Diane, Ernie, and Barbara at a beautiful empty beach

David (Diane's husband), Diane, and Barbara at the beach

Diane and Ernie at the beach

Barbara, Diane, and David relaxing

David, Diane (with homemade hat), and Barbara

Ernie (after running) and Diane

Barbara, Ernie, David, Diane, and Luke (youngest of her kids) in dining room

After Bundaberg Rum tour - Barbara, Luke and Diane


Diane and Ernie at airport

David, Diane, and Ernie at airport

Patrick, Barbara, Ian Crosby (Lyn's husband), Bronwyn (Patrick's wife), Ernie, and Lyn near Sydney airport

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Schutz Reunion - Slippery Rock, PA - June 1999

I had a great time at the Schutz reunion! It was fun seeing old friends and sharing our experiences old and new. It was also great to make new friends. Of course, there were enough Bacas there to make it a mini-family reunion for us. I also enjoyed run ning the very challenging 5 Km cross-country course. After 25 years of running it was the first time I've won a race! I have a few photos that you may be interested in seeing.

Bacas - Cody, Buck, Elena, Lidia, Rebecca, Ernesto, Sara, Vivian, Ana

Bacas - Sara, Ana, Elena, Cody, Vivian, Lidia, Rebecca, Buck, Ernesto

Bacas - Elena, Ernesto, Ana, Lidia

Bacas - Lidia, Elena, statue, and Ana

Cody Wilson Shaving

Ernesto with Trophy and Mug for winning 5 Km Race

Ernesto with Yacoumoupoulo Sisters (Marina and Athina "Nana")

John Chu, Marina, and Ernesto

Patty and Kathy Winkler with Ernie

Annette Clendenen with Ernie

Annette Clendenen making face with Ernie

Ron, Jeanie, and Greg Walters

John Meloy and Ana

Ernie and George Meloy

Mrs. Jean Bower with Baca girls

Teacher's Group

Mixed Group - Ron Walters, Marina, John C., Kathy W., Ernie, Nana, O'Dell, Cody, and Patty

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