Soul Mates


To find your soulmate, you must first find your personality type. Once you do that, find the matching letter. That corresponds to the personality of your soulmate. Now comes the hard part, find a person that matches that personality! Good luck.

At this point this is just a theory of who someone's soulmate should be. It is based on partly on David Keirsey's Please Understand Me II, 1998, and partly on personal observation of people. Also, even if your mate is not your soulmate, it does not mean you don't or can't have a great relationship. Conversely, if you are currently involved with your soulmate, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have an ideal relationship. There are many other variables involved in personal relationships.

Soul Mates Model

Composer (iSfP) 9%
Green A
Crafter (iStP) 5%
Green B
Architect (iNTp) 3%
Yellow E
Healer (iNFp) 4%
Blue E
Performer (eSfP) 9%
Green C
Promoter (eStP) 4%
Green D
Inventor (eNTp) 3%
Yellow F
Champion (eNFp) 8%
Blue F
. .
Protector (iSfJ) 14%
Orange A
Inspector (iStJ) 12%
Orange B
Mastermind (iNTj) 2%
Yellow G
Counselor (iNFj) 2%
Blue G
Provider (eSfJ) 12%
Orange C
Supervisor (eStJ) 9%
Orange D
Fieldmarshal (eNTj) 2%
Yellow H
Teacher (eNFj) 2%
Blue H