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A Crossword puzzle? Yes, and it has some entertaining (corny?) hints. Let me know what you think about it. By the way, here is the answer but no peeking!

1. Comprehend, to understand the meaning of
7. Worshipful
13. The constellation Cygnus
14. Perennial mint used for seasoning
16. Apartment (in G.B. for example)
18. Executive Order (abbr.)
19. Head of a school of a university
22. ID or license ____
23. Shake like a ____
26. Derek or Jackson
27. Small fish used as bait
29. Handgun missile
31. Wading bird related to the heron but with downwardly curved bill
33. At the same temperature, as in Freundlich ____
36. Friend, as they would say it in Peru, for example
38. Soft mineral with a soapy feel usually white or gray, Mg3Si4O10(OH)2
39. Opposite of con
40. ____ Whiz, as in GW Basic
41. Rock singer, Billy ____
42. Common Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL) found at hazardous waste sites
48. One of the longest rivers in the world in Russia flowing toward the Artic Ocean
50. To surround closely
51. Movie category or college major (abbr.)
52. Silver (abbr.)
53. Numerical models require discretization of the domain into cells or ____s
55. One of my sisters' first name, or
"I" in arabic, or
of each an equal quantity, used in prescriptions
57. Remarkably small or ____ Tim
59. Nourishment for bacteria for example
60. Unexpected happening causing injury

1. 5 modulo 3 = ____
2. Western Australia (abbr.)
3. Injudicious or imprudent
4. The part of the earth's atmosphere containing free electrically charged particles
5. None reported (abbr.)
6. ____ rich quick!
7. A waste piece of cloth or newspaper
8. The width of a piece of type half the width of an em
9. Relating to the measurement of volume
10. Having qualities that are not manly
11. The Netherlands (abbr.)
12. Bill or check
13. Treason or an offense against official ruling authority
15. A deep long cut
17. Branch of mathematics concerned with geometric configurations unaltered by elastic deformations
20. Same as 8 Down
21. Any of several black cuckoos (genus Crotophaga) of the warmer parts of America
24. ____ Al, Israeli Airlines
25. Wing (Spanish)
27. Secretion from male reproductive glands of fishes
28. Out of this ____, superb
29. To propagate animals or plants
30. Rip ____ current
32. Barium or Buenos Aires (abbr.)
34. Besides, also
35. Self
37. Oriental board game on a 19-by-19 grid of lines
43. Not (prefix before b, m, or p)
44. Niobium (formerly Columbium) or Citizens Band (abbr.)
45. I ____ in the Houston-Tenneco Marathon last year
46. 100 ares = 1 ____ (abbr.)
47. A broadcasting system using amplitude modulation
49. ____ Voyage (fr. farewell)
52. Any of the Formicidae family or Adam ____ (rock group)
54. E. I. ____ Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc.
55. Astatine or Internet code for Austria (abbr.)
56. Alcoholics Anonymous (abbr.)
58. Indium or inch or Indiana (abbr.)


In a study conducted by Dr. Herbert L. Needleman, a psychiatrist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a startling discovery has been made. Boys with relatively high levels of lead in their bones were more likely to engage in aggressive acts and delinquent behavior than boys with less lead in their bones. The study looked at 800 boys, from public schools in Pittsburgh, PA, for four years. These children were not suffering from lead poisoning and other factors such as maternal intelligence, socioeconomic status, number of children in the family, the presence of two parents in the home, the children's race and their medical history were also considered in this study. The lead was collected from the children's leg bones and compared with their level of aggressiveness as reported by parents, teachers and the children themselves. It must be stated clearly that the study does not say that lead exposure is the only cause of aggressiveness and delinquent behavior, but this information can be used as a prevention tool. Lead levels in the bones had its own independent effect on aggressiveness and delinquency, separate from intelligence. Lead is a brain poison that interferes with the ability to restrain impulses. Given that a child is exposed to lead, it increases the chances of expressing this aggressive behavior.
`Aggressiveness, delinquency in boys linked to lead in bones', and N.Y. Times News Service, February 7, 1996.

Compiled by:
Ernesto Baca, P.E.
Environmental Consultant

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