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Hantush's Groundwater Mounding Equation


For one of my projects, a few years ago I needed to calculate the groundwater mounding due to a recharge source. I looked up the available references and decided to use Mathematica to solve this equation. Mathematica is extremely powerful and can solve just about any mathematical equation, but it was not easy, even with this package. This page presents the results of that effort.


This program is designed to get a jump start on the programming of Hantush's mounding equation by providing the source code and some examples of what it can do. In order to run this model one needs to read the mounding references given below, know something about Mathematica, and know the characteristics of your site. Unfortunately I don't have a more general model at this time, but if enough interest is expressed I can work on it.

To see an example of a groundwater mound just click on the following Mathematica icon. The recharge source area is outlined by a rectangle.

Mathematica Icon

Groundwater Mound

The figure of the mound was generated by Mathematica and can easily be modified. For example, the aspect ratio can be changed, the figure can be rotated and/or animated, and additional labels and site features can be placed on the figure. Conceivably, multiple mounds, wells, and groundwater gradients could be added to this model. Because of the complexity of the equations being solved, and depending on the parameters used, this model can be slow to generate an answer. In particular if there are several mounds present or if an animation is required.

Intended users are those who need to solve the mounding equation. Basic knowledge of groundwater hydrology and Mathematica is required. A good groundwater hydrology reference is Freeze and Cherry (1979). The suggested reference for Mathematica is Wolfram (1991).

Computer Resources

This model runs under Mathematica, a program that not many people have available to them. Mathematica is a fairly expensive piece of software, but well worth it and recommended. For more technical information about cost and the computer platforms it can run on contact Mathematica at WRI. This program could have been written in a more standard language like Fortran or C, but special libraries may have to be purchased and the graphics would yet involve additional software. If you have Mathematica and would like to purchase this mounding model, I am selling it for $100. If you don't have Mathematica, sorry but you will not be able to run this program.


If you would like to see this model call me for an appointment and I'll demonstrate it for you. If you would like me to model your site I can review your site data, run the model and provide the results to you. Other arrangements are also possible. Please contact me and let's discuss your site.


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